María Arteaga

Executive Director

Graduated from the National University in Tegucigalpa, María has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and has always been interested in the Management of Protected Areas. She has made a huge effort to get funding for the organisation in the past 3 years.


Jenny Luque


Jenny has worked in administration for over 20 years. She decided to move to Utila in 2006 and has stayed here since. She has been involved in conservation and speaking out for the marine and natural resources while working for the organisation for over 6 years. She facilitates administrative processes and takes care of the financial part of BICA.



Suriel Dueñas

environamental education coordinator

Suriel studied a Bachelor in Ecotourism in the National University Campus in La Ceiba. She has been working in conservation since 2013. She is our Environmental Education Coordinator dedicating her time to teach others the importance of the ecosystems and their protection with passion.


Edoardo Antúnez

project coordinator

Edoardo is a honduran Biologist who graduated from the National University in Tegucigalpa. He started working in conservation since 2008 and has been working for the organisation since the beginning of 2016. He coordinates the research monitorings and logistics that these entail and oversees the Patrols.


Marlon López

Administrator assistant

Marlon is one of the youngest members of the team. He has been a member of our Reef Leaders Program since 2016, collaborating in different activities and learning about the reefs importance and how to transmit information to the community. Now, Marlon is helping with administrative and financial processes.


Eduardo Gutierrez

Administrator assistant

Eduardo started volunteering with BICA in 2016. He has been proactive and has taken over the Glass Recycling Program, reducing the amount of plastic that has been introduced to the ocean. He helps out with the recycling of glass bottles turning them into drinking glasses that go to different restaurants and bars in the country.


Josué Puerto

Park ranger coordinator

Josué, born in Roatan, moved to Utila in his early 20's. He is a responsible person who is interested in the protection of Utila's marine resources. He has been a boat Captain for over 5 years and now coordinates the Patrols with the help of the Navy of Honduras.


Luis Lorens

Marine Turtle Monitoring and Patrol Coordinator

He is a young local utilian who has been involved in conservation since a young age. His interest for the protection of local wildlife and his surroundings have taken him to work with the iguana endemic to Utila and now coordinating the Marine Turtle Conservation Program in BICA. 



Canine assistant

Woof, woof, woof woof woof conserve and protect woof woof, woof, woof. Woof. 




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